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About Our Forum

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Personal takes on hot topics – world happenings, politics, religion, any other controversies worth wading into

As I See It is just that: as “I” see it

This is a site for two moderators to vent. We are not asking for you to agree or disagree, if you don’t like out take on things please just leave. All comments will be moderated, and trolls will be vanquished. If you have an opposing opinion, email us a well written post and if it is not an attack piece we may, at our discretion, publish it.

What we aren’t:

We are not Politically Correct (PC) and never will be – if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck, period (not our “fine feathered friend”)

We are not political, we are issue oriented. We look at the issue and post our opinion. We don’t care which party is right or wrong, we want to face the issue head on. If it looks like over time it fits one of the many political parties, then so be it.

Religion: Our posts are not faith oriented. We believe there are good people of every faith, and every faith has had it’s dark side in history. Preaching from a podium is not our goal. Whatever we perceive is good for the world, our country and individuals is where we will stand – emphasis on individuals.

If all this is ok with you then register and stick around, if not, have a nice day and goodbye.

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